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Innovative Pricing

We have looked at our competitors when we putting our pricing together and they are all sheep and are following the model of charging monthly subscription fees, well we have decided to take it to a new level. “If you have bad day, then we are free, and if you have a good day then we are there with you on the upside”

Please pick the caped cloud based online package that most suits your business, store, cafe, retail outlet.


Pay for the modules you use

We have developed a core engine and we work on this everyday to improve because of the feedback we get from you. Sometime we find that all the businesses using FreePOS are different so we have made the POS software work differently for different retail businesses.To achieve this we have made all options modular for you to choose which one you want to install. For example we had a café say we don’t give any discounts we decided to turn the discount module into a free module so you can install if you want to use it ….there are many others like this, like bookings, XERO connector. Some of these are free of use and some are paid.

FreePOS Packages

Pay as you go
  • If you have a bad day, you don't pay. As simple as that
  • Your first 30 days are completely free
  • FREE when you do sales under $500 /day /store
  • Pay only 0.25% of your sales above $500 /day /store
  • You will never pay more than $49 /month /store
  • Everything is unlimited: stores, products, customers, suppliers…
  • No lock-in contracts
  • Optional $25/Month for Phone and Email Support
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Monthly subscription
  • The classic formula: a fixed monthly cost.
  • Your first 30 days are completely free
  • Everything is unlimited: stores, products, customers, suppliers…
  • No lock-in contracts
  • Optional $25/Month for Phone and Email Support
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Add Phone and Email support on top of your FreePOS. $25/Month
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Just some of the many features

Sale of the day

Our dashboard is all about have a one page overview of all the key performance indicators in your day to day operations. AS this is single database and connected to all your stores and tills in real-time your dashboard there is all right up to date with data feeding in form your stores instantly. We have attempted to develop a dashboard that is meaningful and real to the day to day operations.

Daily Report

All our sales, inventory and staff report are available by date range you choose. You can look these up and select your dates and review the data you are wanting.

System Alerts

We have designed the alerts area to be a central resource to what’s going on in the store you are reviewing. Too many POS software products require you to go through reports, log files and technical database issues to tell you the problems with the software, we have developed this to give you real-time exceptions and problems that you can click through to the problem area and review it for a fix or required change.

Responsive Design

The whole back office has been written as a responsive software design allow the user to use it on your mobile, tablet/iPad device, and of course from a full screen web browsers.