• It's on the cloud

    You can access FreePOS from any device, anywhere, any time

  • We believe in unlimited

    You’ve got unlimited number of stores and tills, products, customers, suppliers

  • It's flexible

    Take an order from your tablet and make the payment later on your register

  • It's intuitive

    Save on training, avoid errors and go fast with a self-explanatory selling screen

  • It works offline

    You can fully process orders offline & will synchronized as soon as you get back online

  • And best of all : Its Free

    Wouldn’t be cool to never pay for your POS system when you have a bad day?

Alert System

FreePOS operates on the problem areas of your business and highlights them

Offline Operative

Offline mode to ensure you can keep trading until the internet comes back on line

Integrated EFTPOS

FreePOS accepts Standard Debit and Credit cards using integrated EFTPOS

FreePOS Features

Customer Loyalty Management

We see your customers as an important resource in your business online tool as once you have collected many you can lavage these to market to them and ensure their experience in your business is only better than the last time they came. Our system has real-time analysis of customer purchases to aid your staff in what to provide them.

Table Management

Our Table management in store system comes at two levels. We allow a simple management of your tables or locations depending on how you want to label them. The second level is a mapped store layout allowing your staff to directly manage each location and understand how they behaving in real-time.

End of day

End of Day procedures for retail staff at the best of times can very difficult and what we call “clunky” so we have developed as best as we could a simple step by step procedure to end your day. We have seen the casual staff and the full time staff pick this process up very quickly. The system gives security to the owner to ensure all monies are counted correctly once the end of day count is complete.

Discount Management

Discount is a business must be from front end and aback end management option. FreePOS offers both the features. On the front end you can have line, percentage and dollar discounts allowing your staff to have the flexible environment to ensure they can provide the right customer service when discounting.


AS the new world has taken us all over with online business system we sometime forget the real world where just sometime things go wrong, and one of these is your internet going down. This is never a place a cloud browser based software wants to be …so we have provided an offline mode to ensure you can keep trading until the internet comes back on line.

Store Management

The retailer of today is rarely just single store single POS, so we have got add on tills and stores so we can grow when you grow. Think about Christmas where you want to add a till for a couple of months, well you can do this. All the end of day procedures and reports will report on the tills and stores helping head office to run the multi store/till retail business.


With the multiple reports we have in the online cloud based back office software where you can access from anywhere allows the owner operator to access the information of what’s going on real time to ensure the business is running smoothly. Our Reports have multi-level filters so you can review what you need. We also have fast click thrus so you can jump to the problem and resolve it.

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FreePOS Packages

Pay as you go
  • If you have a bad day, you don't pay. As simple as that
  • Your first 30 days are completely free
  • FREE when you do sales under $500 /day /store
  • Pay only 0.25% of your sales above $500 /day /store
  • You will never pay more than $49 /month /store
  • Everything is unlimited: stores, products, customers, suppliers…
  • No lock-in contracts
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Monthly subscription
  • The classic formula: a fixed monthly cost.
  • Your first 30 days are completely free
  • Everything is unlimited: stores, products, customers, suppliers…
  • No lock-in contracts
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